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Extraordinary Water

Infused water bottle & tea bottle
T-bottle Double

Double wall

T-bottle Double

Design drinking water bottle with fruit infuser and tea basket. It is made of very durable glass so you can use it for cold or hot drinks. Walls of the bottle are doubled to insulate the content better. It keeps cold drinks cold longer, hot drinks hot longer and prevents you from burning from hot content. Each bottle has removable neoprene cover.

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T-bottle Large

Large Volume

T-bottle Large

Design drinking water bottle with fruit infuser and made of very durable glass. Single wall construction allows to increase the liquid volume and neoprene case keeps cold drinks cold longer and bottle in safe.

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T-BOTTLE Features

We spent a lot of time on designing T-bottle with all of it's accessories. We are really proud of the result which according to us fits on the office desk same as into a gym bag.

With T-bottle you can make lots of variants of amazing and healthy drinks.

T-bottle has a wide neck so you can easily load it in with fruit or vegetable pieces, ice cubes or all other goodies.

We want to keep you hydrated but not to drink sweet artificial lemonades full of sugar. We want to do it healthy way. Our way. The T-bottle way.

With T-bottle you will participate on saving our environment. Imagine how many plastic bottles ... or better not even imagine that.

With Drop4Everyone we and you with us support water well construction in development countries.

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T-bottle Double

Stylish bottle for infused water or hot drinks. Double wall construction allows to use it with hot water. We made it of glass so you can use it again and again for various drinks thanks to Infusion basket, tea basket and neoprene case.

T-bottle Large

Stylish bottle for infused water made of durable borosilicate glass. We made it of glass so you can use it again and again for various drinks thanks to stainless steel infuser and neoprene case.



  • Durable borosilicate glass and double wall construction
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Eye catching design with lid and neoprene of your choice
  • Stainless steel infuser and basket
  • Neoprene case keeps content temperature still even longer, makes holding comfortable and increases durability



  • Durable borosilicate glass and larger volume
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Eye catching design with lid and neoprene of your choice
  • Stainless steal infuser
  • Neoprene case keeps content temperature still even longer, makes holding comfortable and increases durability

Even better than expected


This bottle completely change my daily water intake. I keep t-bottle on my office desk. It tends me to have sip of fruit water regularly and it looks as a great decoration.



User Reviews

I work in social media industry and I am kind of social media influencer as well. So the look really matters to me. I love how you can connect practical use, healthy lifestyle and well-looking bottle. Filled with fruit it looks really cool on Instagram shots. And small tip from me, I refill it always when it's half full so the taste stays more intensive

Carolina MonntoyaNew York

I received my T-bottle couple of days ago and since that I haven't spent a single day without it. I usually load it with fruit in the evening and leave it in the fridge overnight. Next day I have amazing drink at work. By the way I have already lost 1.5 kg just by swapping from my ex-favourite lemon lemonade to lemon and pine apple infused water.

Ella RoseSydney

Honestly I have never been a good water drinker or water loving person. I just don't like the plain taste. I was more into coke. I work as a fashion designer and one day my colleague came with really cool looking bottle. The same day I order mine and since that I love drinking water, water with taste.

Gerald GilbertParis

T-BOTTLE Crystals

Get even more out of your T-bottle by adding a crystal to your drink

Amplify water's benefits with crystal's enhanced energetic properties.

Infuse your hydration routine with spirituality and intention.

Experience the positive vibrations and energy of the crystal-infused water.

Personalize self-care with a crystal that aligns with your intentions.

Benefit from specific healing properties associated with different crystals.

Enhance your water bottle's aesthetics with a sparkling crystal upgrade.

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From every sold bottle we donate $1 for ocean and beach cleaning and for support of endangered species through DROP4OCEAN

Detox Drinks Tips

Detox Drinks Tips

Read about what detox water is and why it is good for you body. Also get some recipes … Now the e-book is downloadable for free.



Eco & Sustainability

The bottles are made of glass or stainless steel that guarantee that they are not harmful to the environment and can be recycled at the end of their life time. These material also don't release anything to your drink so it stays same as you've poured it in your bottle.

Our lids are unfortunately made of plastic but nowadays there is no other available solution. But we make sure that it is strictly BPA free plastic and it can be recycled and reused after to won't need the lid any more. Second part of our lid is stainless steel inner part.

The neoprene case that cover your bottle can be recycled to produce a new material. So when you won't need it any more, think about it.

When you receive new T-bottle it's packed in a tube box made of recycled materials. So in stead of throwing it out immediately, you can use is as an eco sorage box. And we you don't want it, don't forget to recycle it. The shred can be added to a mixture for a new material.



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