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What does the package include?

If you order T-bottle Double you will get borosilicate glass double wall bottle of volume 480 ml (16.2 oz), design BPA-free lid of your color choice (if available), stainless steel infuser and stainless steel tea basket.
If you order T-bottle Double you will get borosilicate glass bottle of volume 650 ml (22.1 oz), design BPA-free lid of your color choice (if available), stainless steel infuser.
The package you will receive is packed in safe cardboard tube box.

What material is T-bottle made of?

The bottle is made of borosilicate glass, the flask is made of stainless steel, lid is of BPA-free plastic material and infuser with tea basket are stainless steel.

Can I put it in freezer?

o, even if the bottle is is made of very strong and durable material, please avoid putting it into a freezer. Frozen liquid expanses and the bottle can crack or you can damage lid.
If you want to cool down your drink, use ice cubes. T-bottle has wide neck so you shouldn’t have a problem to get ice cubes in it.

Can I pour hot water in?

Yes, you can. But, please, avoid of boiling hot water. First you can scalded yourself and secondly it’s not recommended. Don’t forget that hot water produces steam, so leave the bottle without lid for a minute after pouring hot water in and then release the steam every now and then. You will prevent your lid from damaging.

No, don’t use this bottle with very hot or boiling water. You will prevent your bottle from breaking and yourself from injury.

How much liquid does there fit in?

T-BOTTLE Double – 480 ml, 16.2 oz
T-BOTTLE Large – 650 ml, 22.0 oz
T-BOTTLE Flask – 500 ml, 16.2 oz

How to take care of T-bottle?

Even if T-bottle is made of very durable borosilicate glass, remember, it is still glass product so be gentle to it. We have developed a neoprene case which not only insulate the bottle but also works as protection and makes the bottle more durable.

Steel is very durable material but think about your lid.

How shall I wash T-bottle? Can I put it into dishwasher?

Generally do not use dishwasher.

Lid – do not leave it in water and don’t use dishwasher. Just rinse it with water and let it dry.
Infuser – can be washed in dishwasher but it will never wash the small holes. Put it under tap and let the water power clean in.
Bottle – it can be washed in dishwasher but we highly not recommend it. It can be damaged by the rotating sprinklers.

Where do we ship t-bottles?

We ship T-bottles worldwide. Extra shipping costs outside of Australia might apply.



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